Artifact Part 2 Walkthrough

  • Home

Turn left to get some help, open the closet to get the ”hammer”.

Walk into the kitchen and open the drawer and take the ”knife”, press the arrows to open the lower drawer and get the ”scissors”.

Walk out on the balcony and look at the sky to see something strange in the sky.

Walk out the front door and to the right and go to the mailboxes and pick up the ”letter”.

Open the letter with "scissors/knife" and get a ”letter wth invisible ink”, heat it up inside in the oven and examine the letter to unlock the next area.

  • Ljusnedal

Walk to the right to a long red building, turn to the right side of the house and open a box containing a ”key”, use it on the left door on the house.

Turn to the right and notice stairs on the left, it´s a door.

Walk up to the attic, and through a door behind you. Read the book to unlock the next area.

  • Fornminnes

walk forward until the end and turn right, use the hammer to get the ”Mountain Map” walk back some steps and turn left to walk up some stairs into the forest, examine the lock to unlock the next area.

  • Fornminnes Summer

Walk up the same path to the bunker and enter, walk all the way in to a wall with text and examine the lower part of the pipes, use the hammer on the small oven to get another ”Letter” read it to unlock the next area.

  • Bäverstigen

Walk past the bridge and turn right continue forward past the spiderwebs/spider and look closely at a tree to the right, it´s hard to see. Take the ”letter” and examine it to unlock the next area.'

Now continue to walk until you reach an intersection and turn right.

Continue to the watchtower and walk back to find a ”paper”

  • Ljusnedal Summer

Walk forward down the stairs and turn to the right, turn around and walk down to a big house down by the lake. Examine the jacket to get a ”key” and the box to get a piece of charcoal.

Walk back up to a red house on the left, use the key on the left door. Pick up thee ”Glass” on the table, walk down to the lake and out on the jetty, look down on the water and use the glass here to collect some ”water”.

Walk back again past the red building and turn right and then left, turn around to find som hedges, walk inside and talk to a man to unock the next area.

  • Cottage

Walk inside the house on the right, then through the left door and talk to the man about the stone.

He mentions an inscription on a tree,

Walk outside to the left, walk to the old building on the left, continue along the wall to the right and open the door to get a ”Glove”

Walk back to the gate and turn around and walk up to the forest. Walk a couple of steps and look to the right to see a big tree, examine it, look higher up to see an inscription. Use the ”Paper” on the ”charcoal” then use the combined item on the inscription to get a hint.

Continue walking up the mountain till you reach the end, turn left to the yellow tree.

Use the ”scissors” on the tree to get a ”Golden Leaf”.

Now walk back to the cottage (or travel by map).

Combine the ”Golden Leaf” with the ”Glass of Water” then walk inside to the man, open the stove next to him and heat the ”Mixture” to complete it.

Now walk back up to the tree and pour the mixture on the tree to get to a new area.

  • Otherworld

Talk to the man to learn that you need the sword from the first game, but you need a ticket to enter the museum where it is. New area unlocked.

  • Grubban

Walk forward then left to a destroyed house, search the rubble to find the ”Gripper” walk back and turn left, continue forward and turn right, then left to the big rocks. Climb up the rocks and use the ”Gripper” to reach the ”Ticket”

  • Fornminnes Summer

Walk forward then turn right to the first building, use the ”Ticket” on the door and talk to the girl to get the ”Sword” back.


Warm the ”Mixture” once again and pour it on the tree.

  • Otherworld

Talk to Mr.X and give him the ”Sword” and talk to him.

Now you can continue to walk all the way to the top of the mountain.

Examine the pile of rocks to find the ”Stone”, use the ”Glove” to pick it up.

Now combine the ”Sword” and the ”Rock”

  • Ljusnedal Summer

Walk down to the house by the lake and use the ”Sword” on the anvil to complete it.

  • Cottage

Make your way all the way to the top of the mountain and use the ”Sword” on the sky to complete the game.

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